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Student Rewards and Incentives Plan

In addition to an effective and comprehensive school discipline plan, William Jefferson Clinton Middle School has implemented programs and policies that help create a positive school climate which includes incentives and recognition of students for positive academic achievement and citizenship.

The following recognitions take place throughout the school year:


  • Perfect Attendance – Trophy for classroom and VIP pass for lunch line in each grade level with highest attendance. Rewards and Recognitions. Free Dress Days, Prizes and Students will get a school wide general announcement of recognition. Never Been Absent (NBA) Club.

  • Clinton Climbers – Teachers and staff can nominate a student to be rewarded based on improvement and or outstanding performance in academics, behavior, and citizenship.


  • Attendance Awards

  • Eagle List Awards

  • PACE Assembly

  • Winter Festival

  • Talent Show


End of the Semester/End of the Year

  • Attendance Awards

  • Culmination Ceremony


Other Student Recognitions

  • Scholar Dollars to be used in the SD store.

  • Field Trips

  • Leadership Sponsored Dances

  • Free Dress Day Passes

  • Lunchtime Music on Fridays

  • School Sponsored Activities

  • Leadership Sponsored Activities

  • 8th Grade Awards Recognition

  • 8th Grade Culmination Activities

  • Caught Being Good Eagle Token